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Barton Goldenberg

Disruptive Technology Strategist

Spatial Computing | Metaverse |  Generative AI


Globally respected and influential author, keynote speaker and futurist

Barton’s Virtual Reality keynote covered trends and relevant, thought provoking data points tailored to our audience.  He not only got the audience excited about the topic, but also provided specific tools to help them create the business cases required.
Hallie Harenski, Sr VP of Crum & Forster
Barton’s Digital Disruptor keynote was an impressive presentation of relevant knowledge and digital trends. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious, and he is always capable of catching and keeping the audience’s attention
Katherine Kostereva, CEO of Creatio
There are presentations and then there are moments of discovery and inspiration like we had during your Metaverse presentation.
In an audience of baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and a few scattered Gen Zs, you grabbed their attention and never lost it. The emotional impact of your presentation was unlike anything I have seen. Even at the end, rarely do we experience such enthusiasm during the Q&A session that follows a presentation. It was as if each attendee saw a picture of their future in the Metaverse and were reacting in awe, concern, excitement, and a few “Oh My God” moments
Ronald K. Wills, President of the National Association of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs (NABOE)


Keynote Speaker

Barton Goldenberg has been bringing compelling thought-leadership keynote presentations to business audiences around the world since 1985.

Bring his voice and expertise to your audience, whether for a board meeting or events for senior executives, sales/marketing/customer-service personnel, or customers.

All topics are customized to your audience/agenda and key messaging.


Barton is the author of three books.  His most recent, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM deals with the impact of Social Media and its integration with CRM. This book provides powerful tools that leverage the interplay of Social Media with CRM.  Barton is in the process of writing a fourth book: How Pioneers Use Disruptive Technology to Stay Ahead of the Competition. 


Barton founded ISM Inc in 1985. For over 39 years, he has designed and implemented customer strategies leveraging leading-edge technologies in the areas of sales, marketing, and customer service. His extensive work in these areas led to his selection as one of the first inductees into the CRM Hall of Fame.

The world’s best private, public, and non-profit organizations have engaged ISM to guide them in the successful implementation of these strategies.



Apple Vision Pro Headset
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AI & The Metaverse Is Changing Everything

Doing business successfully in the virtual world took a giant leap forward in 2024 with the integration of AI & the Metaverse. The symbiotic relationship between AI & the Metaverse amplifies the capabilities of both technologies and is revolutionizing human interaction, creativity, and well-being in the virtual world. The relationship is already having a significant business and consumer impact. But this relationship also requires careful navigation of potential pitfalls and consideration of its broader societal implications, particularly regarding user privacy and safety. In his riveting new keynote: “AI & The Metaverse Is Changing Everything” Barton will:

  • Describe the symbiotic AI & Metaverse relationship in plain English and what this means for how your company will conduct business in the future
  • Share real-world examples of how AI & the Metaverse are changing
    everything, including the fascinating story of the new ‘fire’ dress!
  • Detail AI’s role in the Metaverse: creating avatars, objects, and
    environments, as well as enabling user-centric experience and faster
    creation of 3D models
  • Detail Metaverse’s role in AI: Metaverse serves up customer data to build enhanced AI models
  • Provide insight into AI & Metaverse user privacy and safety concerns
  • Offer concrete steps companies can take right now to leverage AI & the Metaverse to achieve enhanced user experience

Let Barton Goldenberg equip your team with the insights and strategies needed to thrive as AI & the Metaverse deepen their symbiotic relationship.

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The Trifecta of Innovation: Unraveling Generative AI, Metaverse, and Spatial Computing

The biggest tech revolution of this century has begun. With Generative AI technology already changing the way we conduct business, with 70% of all brands forecasted to be present in the Metaverse by 2027, and with the recent release of Apple’s Vision Pro Spatial Computing platform, to remain competitive every organization needs to understand the implications of these three technologies along with the amazing opportunities they present for your organization. While readying for the successful use of Generative AI, entry into the Metaverse, and harnessing Spatial Computing may seem daunting, the consequences of being late to the party or missing the party altogether are dire – just ask Blockbusters, Borders, or Xerox.

In his riveting new keynote: “The Trifecta of Innovation: Unraveling Generative AI, Metaverse, and Spatial Computing” Barton will:

  • Provide an overview of what Generative AI, the Metaverse, and Spatial Computing are all about and why they are changing everything.
  • Make the linkage between Spatial Computing and Metaverse as the new ‘front-end’ and Generative AI as the new ‘back-end’ for conducting your future business.
  • Share multiple examples of how global, best-in-class B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies currently leverage Generative AI, the Metaverse, and Spatial Computing.
  • Walk participants through a proven, 8-step approach to successfully leverage Generative AI, the Metaverse, and Spatial Computing to ensure your organization’s future.

Let Barton Goldenberg equip your team with the insights and strategies needed to successfully apply Generative AI, the Metaverse, and Spatial Computing.

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Metaverse and XR/AR/VR Technologies: Reimagining Human Experience and Business Innovation

Discover the groundbreaking advancements in the Metaverse and XR/AR/VR technologies. Explore how the Metaverse and these transformative technologies are reshaping industries, revolutionizing human-computer interactions, and presenting new opportunities for businesses worldwide.

Companies have entered the Metaverse and are applying XR/AR/VR technologies to:

  • Drive down service costs by up to 65% using ‘remote assist’ technology.
  • Grow sales revenues by 30% using ‘try-on’ technology.
  • Cut the time and cost to onboard personnel by 50%, and improve training retention rates by 75% using ‘VR training’ technology.
  • Enhance customer engagement and customer experience using ‘3D technologies’.
  • Optimize design and operations using ‘digital twin’ technology.

In his riveting new keynote, XR/AR/VR and the Metaverse: Reimagining Human Experience and Business Innovation, Barton will:

  • Provide an overview of the Metaverse and XR/AR/VR technologies, and describe how they are reimagining human experience and business innovation.
  • Present case studies of how the world’s leading innovators have entered the Metaverse to drive down costs, increase revenues, and enhance customer experience.
  • Walk participants through a proven, 8-step approach to successfully thrive in the  Metaverse.

Let Barton Goldenberg equip your team with the insights and strategies needed to be successful in the Metaverse.

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    Barton delivers. His results-oriented style and humor have made him a popular presenter at conferences, from the Gartner 360 Customer Summit and Dreamforce to the CRM Evolution conference and more.

    He has presented at corporate events for, Oracle, Microsoft, LiveRamp and many others.

    A recognized thought-leader in the customer-centric technology space, Barton’s engaging style and insightful observations challenge audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats.

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