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Barton Goldenberg

Disruptive Technology Strategist

Metaverse | Digital Customer Communities  |  CRM


Globally respected and influential author, keynote speaker and futurist

Barton’s Digital Disruptor keynote was an impressive presentation of relevant knowledge and digital trends. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious, and he is always capable of catching and keeping the audiences’ attention
Katherine Kostereva, CEO of Creatio
There are presentations and then there are moments of discovery and inspiration like we had during your Metaverse presentation.
In an audience of baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and a few scattered Gen Zs, you grabbed their attention and never lost it. The emotional impact of your presentation was unlike anything I have seen. Even at the end, rarely do we experience such enthusiasm during the Q&A session that follows a presentation. It was as if each attendee saw a picture of their future in the Metaverse and were reacting in awe, concern, excitement, and a few “Oh My God” moments
Ronald K. Wills, President of the National Association of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs (NABOE)


Keynote Speaker

Barton Goldenberg has been bringing compelling thought-leadership keynote presentations to business audiences around the world since 1985.

Bring his voice and expertise to your audience, whether for a board meeting or events for senior executives, sales/marketing/customer-service personnel, or customers.

All topics are customized to your audience/agenda and key messaging.


Barton is the author of three books.  His most recent, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM deals with the impact of Social Media and its integration with CRM. This book provides powerful tools that leverage the interplay of Social Media with CRM.  Barton is in the process of writing a fourth book, Engaged Customer Strategy: Your Roadmap to 2030.


Barton founded ISM Inc in 1985. For over 38 years, he has designed and implemented customer-centric strategies in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service. His extensive work in these areas led to his selection as one of the first inductees into the CRM Hall of Fame.

The world’s best private, public and non-profit organizations have engaged ISM to guide them in the successful implementation of these strategies.



How the Metaverse Will Change Everything

You may not know it, but the biggest tech battle of this century so far is about to begin. The Metaverse will change everything, and the biggest tech companies in the world are all in. Are you?

Barton Goldenberg, globally respected and influential author, keynote speaker, and futurist announces his new keynote: “How the Metaverse Will Change EverythingWith 70% of all brands forecasted to be present in the Metaverse by 2027, to remain competitive every organization needs to understand what is the Metaverse and what are the opportunities it presents for your organization. While readying your organization’s entry into the Metaverse may seem daunting, the consequences of being late to the party or missing the party altogether are dire – just ask Blockbusters, Borders, or Xerox. 

Benefits of Inviting Barton as Your Keynote Speaker:

  • Barton provides an overview of the Metaverse in plain English
  • Learn why the Metaverse is so important for your organization’s long-term survival
  • Hear how other companies are prospering in the Metaverse today
  • Learn how best-in-class companies (e.g., e.g., Acura, Adidas, Fidelity, Gap, Gucci, IKEA, Lockheed Martin, Mayo Clinic, Nike, P&G, U of Pennsylvania) currently leverage the Metaverse to grow sales, market more effectively, decrease customer and field service costs, and improve training retention.
  • Barton walks you through a proven, 8-step approach to successfully do business in the Metaverse.
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Become a Digital Disruptor to Ensure Your Organization’s Survival

About half the S&P Fortune 500 companies are forecasted to be replaced in the next decade because of disruption. The fall can be swift and painful – just ask Blockbusters how quickly Netflix drove them into bankruptcy.  Disruption occurs in every successful industry. You must transform to stay in the game. Technology helps you transform.

Barton Goldenberg, globally respected and influential author, keynote speaker, and futurist announces his new keynote: “Become a Digital Disruptor to Ensure Your Organization’s Survival.” While becoming a Digital Disruptor may seem daunting, the consequences of not being one are dire.  Every one of today’s disruptors – Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Airbnb, and Cisco – stay ahead of the competition by leveraging technology to successfully transform themselves and their industry.

Benefits of Inviting Barton as Your Keynote Speaker:

  • Barton describes the top 8 digital technology disruptors (AI/ML, IoT, 5G, Blockchain, Quantum computing, Digital Communities, Metaverse (VR/AR/MR), and No-Code platforms) in plain English
  • Learn why becoming a Digital Disruptor is so important for your organization’s long-term survival
  • Hear compelling case studies of how companies are leveraging the top 8 digital technologies to stay one step ahead of their competition.
  • Barton walks you through a proven, 6-step approach on how to become a successful Digital Disruptor.
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Digital Customer Communities Connect You & Your Customers 24/7

Companies are increasingly leveraging private digital communities to foster customer engagement. Digital Customer Communities act as a virtual meeting place for your customers. Build your Digital Customer Community and drive the Voice of Customer into every customer decision you make, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, provide superior customer support, nurture leads that shorten the sales cycle, and grow sales (40-70% of community customers surveyed buy more products).

In his riveting new keynote, “Digital Communities Connect You & Your Customers 24/7” Barton will describe the components of a Digital Customer Community:

  • A digital lounge where customers meet for a virtual drink, exchange peer-to-peer stories, resolve service or technical issues, ‘Ask the Expert’ questions, take surveys, complete polls, and participate in forums.
  • Digital conference rooms, e.g., your technical conference room, your customer service conference room, your employee-only conference room that customers and employees come in and out of to discuss matters, resolve issues, receive training, and more.
  • Private customer rooms where you meet with your customers one-on-one to create your annual sales or technical plans, to review these plans on a quarterly basis, and to introduce them to subject matter experts and others to deepen the relationship.

This keynote builds on Barton’s experience with Digital Customer Communities for ExxonMobil, Kraft-Heinz, AAA and others.

Benefits of Inviting Barton as Your Keynote Speaker:

  • Discover how best-in-class companies worldwide benefit from Digital Customer Communities, e.g., enhanced customer engagement, superior customer support, better lead nurturing, and two-way dialog with customers.
  • Hear real-time case studies of successful Digital Customer Communities and why customers love them.
  • Learn an 8-step process to build your successful, Digital Customer Community.
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    Barton delivers. His results-oriented style and humor have made him a popular presenter at conferences, from the Gartner 360 Customer Summit and Dreamforce to the CRM Evolution conference and more.

    He has presented at corporate events for, Oracle, Microsoft, LiveRamp and many others.

    A recognized thought-leader in the customer-centric technology space, Barton’s engaging style and insightful observations challenge audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats.

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