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Barton Goldenberg
Customer-Centric Business Strategist

Globally respected and influential author, keynote speaker and futurist.

“Barton’s keynotes are as entertaining as they are insightful.”

–Bill Bradley, Customer Relationship Management Institute
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Keynote Speaker

Bring Barton’s voice and expertise to your audience, whether a board meeting or events for senior executives, sales/marketing/customer-service personnel, or customers. All topics are customized to your audience/agenda and key messaging.


Barton is the author of three books. His latest – The Definitive Guide to Social CRM (Pearson, 2015) – deals with the impact of Social Media and its integration with CRM. Barton is presently writing a fourth book, Engaged Customer Strategy: Your Roadmap to 2030, for publication in 2018.


Barton Goldenberg is founder and President of ISM Inc. – a pioneering firm launched in 1985, when the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was just taking form – and one of the first three inductees into the CRM Hall of Fame.


‘Engaged Customer’ Strategy: Your Roadmap for Success in 2030

In this thought-provoking address, keynote speaker Barton Goldenberg explains how a deluge of digital information is overwhelming most organizations and proposes a comprehensive strategy for delighting customers in today’s digitally-driven marketplace. He shows how Identity Resolution can seamlessly integrate online and offline customer data into Holistic Customer Profiles; how Big Data Analytics helps derive actionable insights from multifaceted customer data; and how organizations can leverage four “pillars” of customer engagement – Traditional Media, Social Media, eCommerce, and Emerging Technologies – to improve customer acquisition, retention and growth. The presentation encompasses core ideas from Barton’s forthcoming book.  Watch Video

Branded Social Media Communities

Public communities like Twitter, Facebook, or Linked are great for branding and information-sharing.  They are not a good place to strike up intimate conversations with customers because competitors may be listening in.  Private, “branded, or “invitation-only” communities are becoming increasingly popular, since they can allow meaningful discussions with the invited members in a controlled setting. Barton presents the concept of private, invitation-only social media communities as a compelling means for encouraging peer-to-peer engagement with brands, harvesting individual customer insights and leveraging these insights to optimize the customer experience.  Watch Video

Internet of Things: The Next Digital Wave

Keynote speaker Barton Goldenberg shares how best-in-class organizations are already focusing on catching the next digital wave. For example, the 9 billion ‘Internet of Things’ connected devices/sensors deployed today will explode to 20+ trillion devices by 2020, and provide large amounts of new and valuable customer insight. Given the staggering speed of digital change, Barton explains how getting your Digital Strategy right has become essential for your organization’s long-term survival.


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Barton never ceases to amaze. I have personally seen Barton speak multiple times, and as usual, his presentation hit it out of the park.- Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner, bpm’online
Barton and I worked together on a radio interview regarding the application of the Internet of Things. Barton is a joy to work with. His level of preparation was outstanding. He was able to bring a depth of detail to our conversation that was of real value to the audience. I look forward to working with him again in the future.- Nicholas Cravotta. Lead Designer, BlueMatter Games
Barton is a dynamic and passionate speaker who understands today's digital client and effectively drives home to corporate audiences the urgency to innovate and act.- Don Gagnon, President, AAA Mid-Atlantic
Barton Goldenberg is a dynamic, to-the-point, real-world experienced speaker.- Bob McLaughlin, Former Sr. VP, McGraw-Hill
Barton Goldenberg consistently stirs the pot with humor and inside stories of how to have better relationships with your customers--as well as what not to do if you'd like to retain those customers. He also keeps the crowd's attention with pragmatic insight into what is coming next.- Ginger Conlon, Editor-in-Chief, Direct Marketing News
Barton has a great way of taking complex ideas, distilling them down to accessible concepts and explaining them in engaging and easily understandable terms.- Allyson Havener – Field Marketing Manager – LiveRamp
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Social CRM is emerging as the next wave that will dramatically expand an organization’s customer relationships through the interplay of Social Media and CRM. It is expected to grow to a $9 billion global market by 2018. The Definitive Guide to Social CRM, written by Barton Goldenberg and published by Pearson, provides powerful new tools for leveraging this growing phenomenon.

Books by Barton Goldenberg -The Definitive Guide to Social CRM