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AI & Data Analytics: Driving Customer Behavior

Customer behavior is changing at an unprecedented pace. Now more than ever, organizations need to stay on top of these changes. Yet few organizations have put into place the infrastructure required to ensure meaningful customer engagement. This infrastructure includes powerful AI & Data Analytics tools to help analyze and predict customer behavior so you can provide the right solutions to the right customers at the right time. Leverage AI & Data Analytics to develop deep learning to transform how you engage with your customers. Use AI algorithms to make decisions or to take actions based upon forward-looking insights. Leveraging AI tools to become more predictive and prescriptive. Put powerful data analytics to work to maximize your customer knowledge and improve your decision making. Using ‘real-world’ case studies from his global customer base, futurist Barton Goldenberg examines how organizations are successfully applying AI and analytics today to adapt to their customers’ changing behavior. Stay ahead of the AI & Data Analytics curve: invite Barton to keynote your next event.

Attend this presentation from thought-leader Barton Goldenberg to:

· Learn how AI & Data Analytics is taking customer engagement to the next level
· Discover how organizations are leveraging AI & Data Analytics to drive sales
· Learn about emerging AI & Data Analytics tools that will change how you conduct business


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