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Digital Customer Communities Are the Way of the Future

Companies are increasingly leveraging private, Digital Communities to foster customer engagement. Think of these communities as a virtual gathering place for your customers, or a ‘Digital Hotel’. Building your Digital Hotel drives Voice of Customer into every customer decision you make, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, provides superior customer support, help nurture leads that shorten the sales cycle, and grows sales (40-70% of customers will buy more products). Your Digital Hotel will have:

  • A digital lounge where customers meet for a virtual drink, exchange peer-to-peer stories, resolve service or technical issues, ‘Ask the Expert’ questions, take surveys, complete polls, and participate in forum.
  • Digital conference rooms, e.g., your technical conference room, your customer service conference room, your employee-only conference room that customers and employees come in and out of to discuss matters, resolve issues, receive training and more.
  • Private customer rooms where you meet with your customers one-on-one to create your annual sales or technical plans, to review these plans on a quarterly basis, and to introduce them to subject matter experts and others to deepen the relationship.

Companies are now adding online video meetings widgets like Zoom as well as Augmented & Virtual Reality widgets to their Digital Hotels to enhance the customer experience. If your goal is to enhance customer engagement, this is one keynote you will not want to miss!

Attend this presentation from thought-leader Barton Goldenberg to:

  • Discover how best-in-class companies worldwide are benefiting from Digital Customer Communities
  • Hear real-time case studies of successful Digital Customer Communities and why customers love them
  • Learn how to build your successful, Digital Customer Community

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