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Barton’s latest Digital Transformation Keynote

As a digital transformation speaker, Barton helps executives steer their organizations down the best road to optimal success of their digital initiatives.

Keynote:  “Digital Transformation: Driving CX Excellence”

89% of executive say digitization will disrupt their business this year. Yet fewer than 1/3 believe that their digital strategy is correct, and only 21% believe the right people are setting their strategy.  Why the disconnect?

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Next Big Thing in Customer Engagement: Private Digital Communities

Using real-world case studies, futurist Barton Goldenberg explains why organizations are increasingly turning to ‘private’ (or ‘branded’) digital communities to drive long-term customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy through peer-to-peer exchange, best-practices discussions and customer engagement across time zones, geographies and languages.

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Emerging Technologies: How AI is Impacting Customer Facing Technology

If you’re responsible for marketing to and/or servicing your customers, now is the time to understand how AI will impact your company’s future customer engagement efforts. Here are just three areas of focus that Barton will discuss: lead scoring, chatbots, and sales forecasting.

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Customer Experience: Your 5-Year Roadmap for Success

Futurist Barton Goldenberg shares his step-by-step, 5-year Customer Experience Roadmap, used successfully by world-class B2B, B2C or B2B2C organizations worldwide. Discover this comprehensive framework that leverages a solid foundation of customer data, includes listening and data analytics tools to secure ongoing customer insights, and penetrates all four customer engagement channels,  to achieve higher customer acquisition, retention and growth.

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Data Analytics: Turning Customer Data into Business Intelligence

Using real-world case studies, futurist Barton Goldenberg examines how organizations are successfully applying data analytics to both traditional and new digital media. Barton shares how B2B, B2C and B2B2C organizations like Amazon, Disney, and Verizon are ‘turning customer data into business intelligence’ to make better sales, marketing and customer-service decisions.

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Customer Relationship Management: CRM’s Critical Roles in Digital Transformation Initiatives

Learn how best-in-class B2B, B2C, and B2B2C organizations such as ExxonMobil, Amazon, Marriott, Uber, and Disney are taking an integrated approach to customer engagement.

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