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Digital Transformation: Driving CX Excellence

As a digital transformation speaker, Barton helps executives steer their organizations down the best road to optimal success of their digital initiatives.

Keynote:  “Digital Transformation: Driving CX Excellence

89% of executive say digitization will disrupt their business this year. Yet fewer than 1/3 believe that their digital strategy is correct, and only 21% believe the right people are setting their strategy.  Why the disconnect?

Using real-time case studies from global, best-in-class companies, Barton will illustrate how these companies are using digital transformation to enhance customer experience.

Hear how five components – CRM, Data & Analytics, Social Media Communities, Customer Engagement and Emerging


Technologies – form an integrated framework for successful digital transformation. Learn how to assemble these components in bite-size chucks by following a long-term roadmap that focuses on critical people and process issues, as well as technology.

Key takeaways:

  • Digital transformation is essential to competing in today’s digital deluge.
  • Digital transformation changes the way you interact with your customers, fundamentally reshaping your go-to-market strategy.
  • Learn how well your organization is positioned to compete in the digital realm.
  • Learn how to design your digital transformation initiatives to succeed.

Barton is a well versed digital transformation speaker and can tailor his keynote to the audience for maximum effectiveness.

Hire Barton to help you with your company’s digital transformation initiatives.

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