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Successfully Engaging Customers During COVID-19 and the ‘New Normal’


To survive COVID-19 and the recovery phase of COVID-19 – commonly referred to as the ‘New Normal’ – you must stay tightly engaged with your customers. You need to capture ‘Voice of the Customer’ at every opportunity to determine their changing needs and their willingness to engage with you.  Many of the world’s best organizations are leveraging social media and specifically creating ‘private’ or ‘branded’ Digital Communities to engage in a two-way dialog with their customers.  Digital Communities offer the opportunity for your sales, customer service, and/or technical support personnel to interact directly with your customers and prospects.  Digital Communities provide 24/7 peer-to-peer exchange, best-practices discussions, and customer engagement dialog across time zones, geographies and languages.  Digital Communities capture each customer’s ‘social insight’, which gets fed into the customer’s holistic customer profile that forms the foundation of a successful customer strategy.  Engage Barton to learn more about the benefits of Digital Communities and to hear ‘real-world’ case studies of organizations that have effectively implemented Digital Communities.  If your organization intends to survive COVID-19 and the New Normal, this is one keynote you will not want to miss!

Benefits of Inviting Barton as Your Keynote Speaker:

  • Learn how to successfully integrate social media insight into your sales, marketing and customer service efforts.
  • Learn why Digital Communities are your best tool for nurturing leads.
  • Hear how Digital Communities promote peer-to-peer exchange that drives customer engagement.


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