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Next Big Thing in Customer Engagement: Private Digital Communities

As a customer-centric strategy speaker, Barton helps executives plan their organization’s digital customer strategy, which often includes using private digital communities.

Transform the interactions between your organization and its customers into two-way conversations. Capture customers’ ‘social insights’ to build better customer profiles. Discover the most cost-effective way to nurture leads. Using real-world case studies, futurist Barton Goldenberg explains why organizations are increasingly turning to ‘private’ (or ‘branded’) digital communities to drive long-term customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy through peer-to-peer exchange, best-practices discussions and customer engagement across time zones, geographies and languages. Keynote participants will learn 5 questions to ask to see how they can benefit from private communities in the areas of Customer Support, Distributor Support, ‘Voice-of-the-Customer’, and/or Knowledge Management.

Key takeaways:

  • Social media communities promote peer-to-peer exchange that drives customer engagement.
  • Private social media communities are one of the best ways to nurture sales leads.
  • Learn how to successfully integrate social media insight into your sales, marketing and customer service efforts.

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