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Books by Barton Goldenberg -The Definitive Guide to Social CRM
Barton Goldenberg Author
The Definitive Guide to Social CRM

Social CRM is emerging as the next wave that will dramatically expand an organization’s customer relationships through an interplay of Social Media with CRM. It grew to a $9 billion global market in 2018. The most recent of three books by Barton Goldenberg, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM, published by Pearson, provides powerful new tools that will leverage this growing phenomenon.

The Definitive Guide to Social CRM offers:

  • A clear understanding of Social CRM and how to apply it to sales, marketing and customer service
  • A proven step-by-step methodology road map that ensures successful implementation
  • Pragmatic observations and advice on key process, people and technology
  • A deep comprehension of Social CRM based on actual case studies
  • Insight into new trends in Social CRM, including the customer of the future, mobility, gamification, big data analytics & insight, channel optimization & ‘Internet of Things’)

Leveraging Barton Goldenberg’s 30+ years of experience providing customer-centric strategic guidance to global, best-in-class companies, each chapter of The Definitive Guide to Social CRM contains advice and tips important to the growing Social CRM market.

No other book in the marketplace provides such a comprehensive understanding of the Social CRM market phenomenon, along with a proven framework and methodology for achieving success in Social CRM initiatives.

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CRM in Real TimeCRM In Real Time

Based on decades of experience, this all-inclusive guide shows how to successfully implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Combining helpful tips with a unique blueprint, Barton illuminates critical issues involving people, process, and technology that impact any organization’s ability to achieve superior customer satisfaction and loyalty. From structuring a team and adjusting operations to addressing data integrity and security concerns, readers will learn to adapt to emerging marketplace demands, key technology innovations and the wireless world. This handy reference includes a glossary of CRM terms.

Available on Amazon.

CRM AutomationCRM Automation

In CRM Automation, one of the world’s leading CRM experts delivers hands-on guidance for every phase of your CRM initiative: goal-setting, process review, vendor selection, implementation, rollout, support, and administration. Drawing on his experience with more than 300 enterprise deployments, Barton offers a start-to-finish implementation blueprint covering every customer-focused business function: marketing, sales, customer service, field support, and beyond.
Available on Amazon.

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