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Special Briefing: Understanding Apple Vision Pro & Its Strategy for the Enterprise

Presented by Apple analyst Tim Bajarin and Barton Goldenberg

June 5, 2023, which is the date Apple introduced its new Vision Pro headset, will be remembered as a milestone in personal computing. The new Vision Pro ‘spatial computing’ headset sports a new operating system called Vision OS, easy-to-use eye tracking and hand gestures, an AI-based voice commands interface, and 3D cameras.

For Apple, the new Vision Pro headset represents the continuation of historical firsts including the Mac, the iPhone, the iWatch and more.

By attending this Special Briefing, you will learn what Apple means by ‘spatial computing’, and why the Vision Pro headset will revolutionize the way you will perform personal computing in the future.

The presenter for this Special Briefing is Silicon Valley guru Tim Bajarin, who has been close to Apple since its founding. Tim was one of a handful of analysts invited to Apple’s campus to try out the new Vision Pro headset and to participate in CEO Tim Cook’s live announcement. As Tim notes, “Apple’s attention to detail in creating new products makes the Vision Pro headset a ‘have to see to believe it’ experience.

To view the Webinar recording, click here

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