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Be inspired, gain new perspectives and learn innovative strategies.

ISM founder and President Barton Goldenberg shares his insights in these digital marketing videos, including thought leadership interviews and excerpts from his popular keynotes.

Explore the Metaverse, Engaged Customer Strategy, Digital Strategy, Emerging Technologies, Social Media Communities and much more.

Barton is a frequent keynote speaker, available to provide thought leadership and actionable insights. Book Barton at your next event.

Customer Engagement

In 2008, ISM created an Engaged Customer Strategy framework and implementation methodology that has been successfully used by some of the world’s best-run companies and is viewed by many as the gold standard in the industry.


Social Media Communities

Online communities serve a variety of business goals, such as providing service and support, fostering innovation, building customer advocacy, and increasing sales. Discover how we can help your organization leverage private social media communities to ensure your organization thrives digitally in the future.

Digital Transformation

Barton Goldenberg, President of ISM, highlights a best-in-class case study utilizing digital transformation strategies that transformed the customer experience delivering remarkable results.

Emerging Technologies

Effective emerging technologies strategy will help them create better products and services, engage more effectively with their digital clients, significantly drive down costs, and stay one step ahead of their competition.


This video highlights 3 case studies in CRM with best in class companies and how they have used CRM to increased productivity, enhanced sales, improved marketing, better service and lowered costs.

Engaged Customer Strategy

The winners in the coming decades will be those that delight their customers by engaging them in their preferred channel, with exactly the right offer, at exactly the right time. Barton presents ISM’s signature concept – an ‘Engaged Customer’ Strategy to maximize customer acquisition, retention and growth.

Branded Communities

Barton presents the concept of private, invitation-only social media communities. These communities are a compelling means for encouraging peer-to-peer engagement with brands. They are an ideal tool for harvesting individual customer insights and integrating these insights with CRM.

Digital Strategy

Many concepts and lessons from consumer marketing can be applied to the political realm. In this brief excerpt from his newest keynote, The Intersection of Political and Consumer Marketing, Barton discusses the importance of digital transformation as applied to political and consumer marketing.

Building Digital Success

Discover the 5 building blocks of a digital transformation initiative.

3 Analytics Trends

Barton highlights three data analytics trends and recommendations that provide insight into how you and your organization can use data to accelerate innovation, to compete on analytics, and to determine where and how data can create value for your organization.

Data & Analytics

Our offering covers the spectrum – from data strategy and management through the execution of sales, customer-service and marketing programs that leverage historical, real-time and predictive analytics/modeling for both structured and unstructured data.

Keynote: Digital Transformation: Driving CX Excellence

ISM, Inc. President Barton Goldenberg, keynote speaker at CRM evolution 2019.


C101. Executive Boot Camp, Part 1: The Critical Role Of CRM In Your ‘Engaged Customer Strategy’

Why Are Some Businesses Managing Digital Transformation Better Than Others?

ISM, Inc. President Barton Goldenberg discusses how and why some businesses have met the challenges of digital transformation better than others in this clip from CRM evolution 2018.

Can’t-miss Trends in CRM and Customer Experience Management

Technology is changing how customers interact with brands and creating new opportunities for businesses to maximize customer engagement. Barton describes new directions every business must navigate in this wide-ranging interview.

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How to Make Partners Your Strategic Advantage in Sales

Partners are essential to grow and scale your business. So how can you win mindshare from partners to work with you? Barton joins Jason Perocho, Product Marketing at Salesforce for an on-demand webinar that explains how to become your partners’ go to vendor.

barton salesforce interview

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Customer-Centricity Starts with Identity Resolution

Integrate off-line and online customer data to create seamless, holistic customer profiles. In this in-depth interview, Barton Goldenberg discusses a new technology called Identity Resolution that makes this possible.


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Reimagine Engagement to Accelerate Business

Expand customer engagement to maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Barton Goldenberg is interviewed by Mike Stone, SVP of Marketing, about Social CRM and the role of branded (private) social media communities.

Reimagine Engagement to Accelerate Business video

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*ISM is vendor-independent in our product and service evaluations and recommendations. We participate in activities with many industry leading companies. Such collaboration does not imply endorsement of a company, product or service for any particular application.

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